Wednesday, August 5, 2009


We went up to Sea Lodge beach on the North Shore today. After an hour or so of snorkeling in shallow protected waters, seeing nothing new except for a school of unusual skinny fish (not sure of the name), I decided to go around a nearby point.

It was awesome. Even though there were a few waves, the snorkeling was much better. The water was deeper and easier to maneuver in, there were cool rock formations including an arch underwater, and there was a 'green hole' - a protected area of clear water about 70 feet across and 20 deep with lots of fish.

And turtles. I saw at least 4 different Green Sea Turtles, including two that let me follow them for several minutes without minding; they were about 4 feet long and weighed perhaps several hundred pounds. They were silent, graceful, and even poked their ehads above water occasionally to look around. Amazing creatures.

My wounds from yesterday are healing fast and are much improved.

Also, hey would you look at that but Drowing in Turtles has another comic up woo.

Depending on my schedule, I may or may not post tomorrow.

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mandachan said...

now, why are you surprised again? of course "drowning in turtles" has another post. tuesday is post day. at least til school starts.