Friday, August 7, 2009

Back from Kauai

I am now back from Kauai; bloggerifying will now be on a pretty regular schedule.

A few things of note:

I have slept only 2 hours in the past 40: an hour in LAX and another hour on the plane between Kansas and Illinois, and yet I'm not really tired.

Cross-country, our 777 had a live display of position, altitude, airspeed, etc. It reached 666 mph with a 100 mph (!) tailwind; this is theoretically about 0.98 Mach at the temperature of -50° C, but with the tailwind and thinner atmosphere at 37,000 feet it's probably lower.

My package with motors from Hobbylinc came a few days ago, so I have the motors now.

Found while wikisurfing:

It's the mounting post for the Space Shuttle on the special 747 that carries them cross-country.

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