Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Random stuff

1) Sorry to mandachan for the wrong birthday link. I'm so used to automatically typing in mine that my subconscious took over. Here is the proper link. You really should go wish her a belated happy birthday.

2) Working on my EMRR review for the Nike-Apache. It may or may not be done in time for the next update.

3) Repairs are going well. I put two coats of black on the fins of the Odyssey and it's fully repaired. It's rather underpowered, though - I may have to make a cool-looking 18mm booster for it.

The Deltie Thunder is near completion. The shock cord mount is almost finished drying, and then it'll be finished and ready for its next flight, at CATO 155 in November perhaps.

The new 18mm booster for the Comanche-3 is also almost completed. All the joints have a fillet, but I'm adding a second round for more strength. It'll then get painted red, have greebles hand-painted on, and fly in a drag race (finally) in November.

Nantucket Sound: see next post.

4) Rolling down a small hill inside a 5-foot-tall tire at band camp rocks. It's ever better when your band teacher not only approves, but suggested it. Awesome.

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