Sunday, August 30, 2009


Pretty much all my work today was on gliders.

First, I finished the wood glue coating on the Orbital Transport glider. It's ready for a coat of paint.

Second, I modified my generic glider system with better glider hooks. Instead of angled slot hooks, which tend to slip and are hard to match, I devised a tricky little system with a dowel inserted into a launch lug, much like on the Orbital Transport. My generic 18mm booster pod now has 1/8" and 3/16" launch lugs and can loft 2 gliders at once.

'Glider 2' has now been updated and rebalanced with the dowel. It'll fly soon and hopefully with this new system will not separate at burnout.

'Glider 3', a near-clone of the late Glider 1, is currently being built and will have the dowel system as well. It'll use a 1/8" dowel so it can boost together with Glider 2.

The Orbital Transport glider can also use the generic boost pod.

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