Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nantucket Sound Repairs

Or, why Jim Flis rocks.

At the launch last saturday, I flew the Nantucket Sound on an E18-4W reload. It was a beautiful boost - loud and smoky and firey. The motor casing stayed in this time, but the force of the ejection charge, even half-strength, caused the clay nose weight to blow off the nose shroud. The clay fell straight down, nearly hitting Al Gloer, which is good for fidning it but not so good for winning brownie points. The shroud, forming an aerobrake, drifted away on the wind. The chute opened just feet above the ground, saving the lighthouse from any other damage.

Since I got the clay back, all I have to do is use some epoxy clay to hold it in firmly this time. However, I realized this evening that I did not keep a duplicate pattern for the shroud (idiot!) and I had no idea how to make a duplicate from approximate dimensions. Fortunately, Fliskits had their email on their site with a promise of a quick reply, so I sent off the quick email:

I bought a Nantucket Sound at NARCON, and I love the kit. It's flown beautifully twice, both on E18-4W reloads. The E18-4 is a great motor - loud and smoky, and it ejects just past. On the last flight, however, the nose weight broke loose and popped the nose shroud off. The rest of the rocket recovered safely, and I got the clay back (it nearly hit Al Gloer on the head, actually), but the nose shroud floated off and I did not recover it. Would it be possible to either email me a copy of the shroud design to print out?

Quick reply indeed! Exactly one hour and 15 minute later, in the evening no less, I got a reply from Jim Flis:

No problem (see attached). Make sure you print this on heavy card stock and also be sure to disable your printers "Scale to fit" feature so that it prints out in the correct size.

Good luck and keep me posted!
warm regards,

Which had a pdf file with the fin/nose shroud/railing patterns attached. I'll print it out tomorrow on heavy cardstock, and have the foresight to use gold spray paint instead of the stupid little bottles from the craft store which are all watered down and leaky and gunky and stuff.

If you need a copy of the file, leave a comment or send me an email using the link on the bottom.

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