Saturday, August 8, 2009

My coming week

It's gonna be pretty busy, but fun stuff mostly.

  • Driving
    • Take my last 3 state-mandated classes
    • Get back into driving after not driving for over a week in Kauai
    • Work on freeway driving
  • Working. Mostly fun and hey, it's money to support my hobbies and eventually pay for stuff like college, a car, gas, etc. Ya know, the important stuff.
  • Listen to music:
    • Neon Bible by the Arcade Fire
    • The Wall, Pink Floyd
    • Who's Next, The Who
  • Unpack
Preparations for NERRF:
  • Print out directions to Pine Island
  • Decide on my line-up
  • Run sims for the estimated altitude for all the rockets
  • Print out (on cardstock) and fill out flight cards
  • Prep all my rockets
    • chutes, wadding, motor retention, and making sure the motors fit
  • Prep motors
    • Assemble the E18-4T reload for the Nantucket Sound
    • Bring the 29/180 hardware for my cert flight
    • Make sure I have igniters for every motor, plus spares
  • Prepare my range box(es)
    • Buy a new tackle box for my MPR / HPR stuff
    • MASKING TAPE, clothespins, tools, CA for minor field repairs
  • Bring money for:
    • A G80 for the Machnum Force, an H128 load for the Nike-Apache, and maybe another motor or two
    • Lunch and dinner
    • Any motor hardware (29/40-120 maybe) or kits I decide to buy
  • Make sure all the motors fit - the Mozzie in particular has a lot of grimy residue in the mount from the ejection charges form BP motors.
  • Pack the car
    • A bean bag to rest the long and odd-shaped Nike-Apache, with its transition, pointy nose, and antennae on.
    • Sufficient padding for other rockets. The Machnum Force can withstand pretty much anything, but stuff like the Nantucket Sound and Deltie Thunder are a bit fragile.
Other Rocketry Stuff not for NERRF:
  • Repair the Rokit
  • Repair my broken Estes Porta-Pad with a dap of epoxy clay
  • sand my launch rods to remove corrosion, then spray on some thin clear-coat to protect them
  • Make a MMX rocket from my pen from NARCON
  • Work on my plans for a new larger payload rocket
Yup. This week will be busy but fun. Just like my hugoid interlocking bulleted lists.

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@eloh said...

Looks like you have it all planned out.
Don't forget to keep us updated and maybe someone there can take some photos and e-mail them to you so we can see some of your rocket action and Pine Island.