Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Repairs started

Paveway: Put fillets on a rear fin that was loosened. It's all repaired now.

Odyssey: Glued a toothpick to a fin tip to replace the one that got lost at CATO. Next is another coat of black to cover that up and clean up a few spots.

Deltie Thunder: trashed the burnt plastic chute. Reglued the eye hook in the nose cone, plus coated it with wood glue for protection. I also but fillets ont he sides on the glider hook to strengthen it for possible use on Es or even an F32 (!)

Comanche-3: I am building a new 18mm booster stage, absolutely identical to the original, to replace the one that was lost in the high grass in Salem. I've got the internal MMT and coupler cut and glued in, and the fins cut. The glue joint for the first fin is currently gluing.

Nantucket Sound: untangled chute. Will probably start on the repairs tonight.

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