Thursday, August 13, 2009

EMRR Flight Logs!

They're absolutely awesome.

If you sign in and enter all you logs, then you get to see all sorts of awesome data for your flights, like:
  • Number of recorded flights, and what percentage of total EMRR flights that is
  • Number of different rockets, including Active and RIP
  • Number of flights per rocket and newtons per flight
  • Average cost per motor and per newton
  • Highest recorded altitude, and which flight it was on
  • Your top motor class and specific motor, with how many of them you've flown and what percent of your flights
  • A graph of how many of each class of motor you've flown
  • What percentage of your flights are single-motor, clustered, staged, etc
  • Graphs by motor diameter and manufacturer
  • Your top ten motors and rockets
  • 5-year graphs by motor class and by month

I finally finished putting all my flights in early this morning. I'm glad for the edit and delete features - I had some duplicate old flights, as well as older staged flights that I needed to modify in order to have the motor data automatically computed.

A few of my bits, ccopied and pasted directly from my personal stats:
Recorded Flights: 127 (0.4% of all flights logged on EMRR)
Recorded Rockets: 48 (39 Active - 9 "Rest In Peace" (RIP))
Average Flights: 2.6 Flights/Rocket
Average Power (N): 6.5 Newtons/Flight (This is a C-Class Rocketeer)
Average Spending: $2.38/Flight ($0.36/Newton)
Highest Altitude: 168.5 ft - Estes Industries - Cosmic Cobra (Est SU B6-4)
Top Motor Class: "A" (42 Motors - 28.8% of your motors)
Top Motor Specific ID: Est SU A8-3 (19 Motors - 13.0% of your motors)
Top Motor Manufacturer: Estes (125 Motors - 85.6% of your motors)
Top Motor Diameter: 18mm (85 Motors - 58.2% of your motors)
Top Rocket: OOP - Estes Industries - Jinx (RTF) (9 Flights - 7.1% of your flights)

16 1 8 42 34 29 14 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

I don't feel like messing with major coding-ness, even copy-pasted, so I won't include any more - You'll have to go look. I'll provide lists of my top ten motors and rockets, though:
  1. 9 flights - Jinx
  2. 6 flights - Cosmic Cobra, Astron Invader
  3. 5 flights - 18mm saucer, Screaming Yellow Zonker!
  4. 4 flights - Cohete, IT, Rama, Glider 2, Frankenstein

  1. 19 motors - A8-3
  2. 16 motors - MMX
  3. 15 motors - A3-4T
  4. 13 motors - C6-312 motors - B6-4, C6-0
  5. 9 motors - B6-2
  6. 8 motors - 1/2A3-4T, B6-0, D12-0

I'm too lazy to fiddle with any more html now so if you want any more go look at my page on EMRR, linked at top. Or better yet, if you fly rockets, go log your own flights and get your own page of awesomeness.

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Dick said...

Yeah, Nick did a great job. When I posted the flight tables a while back, I was thinking about building one table with all my flight data since I began logging them. However, I decided this was too much work, especially since you can now change the start year for the 5 year graphs on your profile.