Thursday, August 20, 2009

And yet more boring updates...

Because I feel the need to have some outlet for my geeky randomness, and the internets seems to be a good place.

The Odyssey is now finished except for painting. All 6 fins glued and fillet, plus dowels (toothpucks) glued to the 3 large fin tips. The motor mount is glued to the main body and the launch lug glued on so as to not run the rod into the fins. Painting will be later today after I sleep. Primer, then white, then red, then black. Will launch saturday on an A10-3T.

The Rokit has all three fins reshaped and reglued with proper grain orientation for better strength. Launch lug and masking tape will follow shortly. May fly saturday.

Other flights definitely for saturday:
Deltie Thunder on a D12-3, then maybe an F32-4T later.
Nantucket Sound on an E18-4T reload
Comanche-3 on D12-0 / B6-0 / A8-5; drag race with Al Gloer.
Nuclear Mosquito on a C6-5
GBU-24 Paveway III; C6-5
SpaceShipTwo; A10-3T
Something on a D21-4, maybe.


@eloh said...

Maybe you could put an hour or so a week into searching out other rocket blogs and paying them a visit. Leave them a comment on how you found them.

I like hearing about things I don't understand, so I come back, I still have no idea what your are talking about some times, but I enjoy it.

The EGE said...

There aren't a lot of rocket blogs out there - maybe 15 or 20 that are active - and I try to leave a comment on each one that I visit.