Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Odyssey Revealed!

This is what my desk looks like:
My clutered desk 
On the left is my box of rings and things, with the WAC Corporal sitting on top waiting for repairs. In the upper left corner is the cardboard box that holds all my stuff. My exacto set is the wooden box in the middle; the epoxy clay is the two small tubs next to the tape dispenser in the bottom right. My power supply is on the red cart to the right.

Other visible things include my plier / snipper set, an exacto knife and saw, at least 2 sanding blocks, most of my plastic clamp set, masking tape, 2 metal rulers, a little blue LED falser module, various bits of the Odyssey and Rokit, several random pieces of wood, my crazy glue, wood glue, plastic cement, sandpaper, an LCD screen, several pencils, bits of a pen, a black set of screwdrivers, my bin of utensils and screwdrivers and dental tools, an expended 13mm motor casing, 2 types of tape, 2 fin jigs, blue clay, soldering stuff, bits of a VCR, a plastic bag holding a MMX pen rocket under construction, test tubes, a plastic bin for motors and such, bits of straws, and a little orange thing with a blade that I use to score balsa.

The Odyssey fin can under construction:
Odyssey fin section 

And the finished nose cone:
Odyssey nose cone 

Unpainted, not fully glued together, and needed fillets and dowels, but the general look of the Odyssey:
Odyssey assembled 

Note how the pictures are fuzzy; The photo shoot of several rockets I took earlier will be redone with my dad's camera.

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