Sunday, August 16, 2009

Odyssey and the Build Pile

First, I've found 2 new projects already. The first is a modification of the brick. Instead of having a real brick, requiring a 48" chute and 3 G motors (~$60 per flight), I'll make the brick of cardboard and fly it on 3 A motors (~$6 per flight). It's still in the planning stage, but it'll involve 3 motor mounts inside the 2.25x4x8 box, with just fins and launch lug outside.

The second will be a 1" downscale of the old Estes Odyssey. It'll be based on BT-50, but keeping the BT-20 tail section so I can send it pretty high. The nose cone is huge - half the length of the rocket. I've pieced together 6 pieces of 1/4" balsa and the glue is currently drying. I'll turn the complex cone tomorrow. I'll probably insert a 1/2" dowel up the center to keep it in one piece.

Edit, 1026pm: It's actually going to have to be a 18mm diameter rocket, with a 13mm mount, due to the size of the balsa. The cone is now almost finished - I'm done with the major turning, and the first layer of wood glue is drying. I'll do one more coat tonight, then make the final turning for silky smooth perfectness. Then one more coat of wood glue, then I take it off the 1/4" turning rod and use a bit of epoxy clay to mount the screw eye.

I'll also cut the tube tonight: 4.25" of BT-50, and 3.5" of BT-5. 2.25" of the BT-5 is the motor mount outside the rocket, which also holds the fins; the remainder is inside the BT-20 and serves to anchor it. My version is about a 0.56x downscale.

Second, I'm implementing another gadget on the sidebar. It'll be my build pile, featuring those that are being built or prepped for an EMRR review. It'll be up sometime tonight.

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