Thursday, May 28, 2009

Karl E. Baumann signature motors

Aerotech, in its 2009-2010 catalog, introduced a few new long burn motors, mostly Warp-Nine endburners. Three are 'Karl E. Baumann signature motors'. Baumann is Aerotech's director of operations and a L3 certified flier since 1995.

The line will consist mostly of long-burn motors and high-impulse motors. The first three out are all long burn motors.

The I49N-P is an endburner for the 38/360 case. It's a 19.7% I at 383 Ns, averaging 49.4N thrust with a peak at 64N. Its propellant mass is 190.8g.

The I59WN-P is a truly rare bird. It's the first 'Boost-Sustain' motor and apparently the first commercial composite motor to use two different propellants. It combines a coreburning White Lightning grain for a fast boost with an endburning Warp Nine grain for a burn time of 7.99 seconds. The 'boost' is about 170N, then down to about 60N dropping to 35N for the 'sustain' phase. It's a 486 Ns (51.9%) I load for the 38/480 case with an overall average thrust of 61N, a peak thrust of 173N, and 251.7g of propellant.

Both I loads require the 38EBFCPT extended plugged forward closure. Warp Nine is a fast-burning propellant and requires a high chamber pressure for endburning, thus there can be no space for a delay or even the regular plugged closure. However, the new closure will work with the Electronic forward closure; it also includes a threaded 5/16-18 hardpoint for attaching recovery systems, if you choose to go for a configuration with one or more chtues between the motor and E-bay.

Both are certified retroactively to last Friday, the 22nd.

I personally think the idea of combining multiple propellant is very cool and holds a lot of promise. How about Warp Nine and Blue Thunder motors with a bit of Black Jack or White Lightning for better visibility, or mixing Mojave Green with Redline for a very cool color show....

The L339N-P is a Warp-Nine endburner for the 98/2560 hardware. At 2793Ns it's a 9.1% I; note that it's larger than the listed maximum for the casing but Warp-Nine has very high impulse for its size. This'll help the motor fit into smaller rockets for better performance. It's got a burn time of 8.82 seconds and a maximum of 445N. It doesn't include a smoke charge like other 75mm and 98mm reloads, so you need a bulkhead plug installed in the standard closure.

Other KEB motors coming soon include very-high-specific impulse motor used modified Blue Thunder propellant, likely the same blend as the new F32T. In an interview, Gary Rosenfield said that test motors had produced specific impulses on 254 seconds, beating even the 225 of the F32.

New KEB motors will be introduced at LDRS-28 in July and 'in the near future'.

Full story here on Rocketry Online.

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