Sunday, May 17, 2009


1) My computer is heading off to geek squad tomorrow. There are any things wrong with it. I suspect it may be a faulty connection to the RAM because there are so many, varied problems.

2) I went and watched the new Star Trek movie today with my dad and Mandachan. I was very impressed with the movie. Setting it in an alternate universe through time travel allows some very entertaining senarios - like Kirk being a juvenile offender who steals his stepfathers' car (and accidentally drives it off a cliff) and starts bar fights. There were millions of in-jokes, but even non-Trekkie Mandachan was able to understand and like it.

3) Thanks to Dick for the shoutout yesterday.

4) more coming tomorrow. Must sleep now, though.

1 comment:

mandachan said...

yeah but your understanding/liking of the movie is different than mine:

you: "wow i get all the inside jokes!"

me: "the guy who plays kirk has really pretty blue eyes..."