Monday, May 25, 2009

Gluing the Fins

The Machnum Force is finally getting its fins glued on. I was nervous for two weeks about doing the glue joint, but It's surprisingly easy - the big, heavy fins fit well in my Kuhn fin jig* and the wood glue dries very quickly in this warm but not humid weather. I attached the first fin with a single layer of wood glue, then put 3 layers of fillets on. The second fin is currently drying with its first fillets. I expect to be done with all the fins and fillets by Wednesday.

Next I'll do the name with Sharpie on the body tube, then apply one or two coats of wood gue over the entire body tube - not very thick, but just enough to make the entire rocket a single hard sheet of hardened resin able to survive anything.

First flight will be on a G78, G79, or G80 at NERRF on the 14th of August. Estimated altitude between 2500 and 4000 feet, speed between Mach 1.3 and Mach 1.5.

*Kuhn Fin Jig: a piece of angle iron, etc with a slot for holding a fin in place. See Handbook of Model Rocketry, Ch. 3 (7th edition: p. 30 fig.3-13).

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