Sunday, May 3, 2009

Late Nite Randomness

I might try to stay up all night depending on how I feel in an hour or so. If I do, then my goal is not a full all-nighter, but to make it to either 5 am (see the twilight) or 630 am (see the sunrise). If not, then I'll take an anithistamine (for allergies and sleeping better) and be up around 10.

I've got the first two fins fully polished for the Machnum Force. The third is cut and currently in the glue-dry-sand-repeat cycle. It'll take a while to decide exactly how to build it, figure out how to weight the nose (enough for stability but not too much to hit mach), especially to glue the fins (3 layers of fillets coming) and to paint and sand it for a perfect finish. Even a one-shot rocket (If it survives 1000 mph and I get it back, it'll sit on a shelf and only use Bs and smaller) deserves super-strong construction and a perfect finish.

I've been listening to The Christmas Attic by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra since 1230. It's pretty good christmas rock, a bit mopey for my taste, although The World That She Sees is awesome. Next in the lineup are Beethoven's Last Night (also TSO), Best of Mancini, Selections from Victory at Sea and other favorites, and maybe some classic rock and Modest Mouse later on if I do stay up till dawn.

Finally, one thing from my trip to Oregon last year: I found a pillar of rock 6 feet square. Pretty impressive considering it represents about 1/2738506070000th of the land area of the US. However, that pillar is special beacuse I remember taking a flying leap off the cliff overlooking the river at Robert W. Sawyer River Park to land on it - it was very exciting jumping a gap with a 15ft drop underneath. Here is the best view I can find. The cliff juts out twice in the middle of the frame; the left one is actually the pillar. Another view.

Also, the river bluff I climbed that same day turns out to be over 150 feet high according to an altitude widget I have on google maps.

It's currently 209 am and so far so good, but mancini is done already.

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