Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rocket Motors from the Old World

Looking for info on the original Aerotech G30 (anybody got anything), I happeend to stumble upon this: the best collection I've seen of data and pictures of British, Czech, and Spanish rocket motors.

Interesting stuff from Britain includes:

An 11.35Ns 'C5-3' with a 5-second burn that may or may not be the same as the Estes C5-3

A 29mm blackpowder D3-6

The infamous 40mm F36-5 Pitfield motors

F72-0 giant booster motors

A G156-0 'Guppy' that's as wide as it is long

An H150-5 blackpowder motor

Several primitive RMS / LMS motors, including a 76mm K1280

The Czech Motors, including what are known as the 'Delta' motors, were sold under the brand '19 decembar', which I presume is a date but the menaing is unclear.
They include the 'Delta', the 10.2mm x 34mm A2-7; a mini-size B3-3 that somehow originated in Wisconson, and a series of 18mm motors that included 55mm-long A7-3s, 60mm-long B6s with 3 and 5 second delays, C6-0/3/7s roughly equivalent to Estes motors, and C30s with 0, 3, and 7-second delays. They used a dense blackpowder mix which performs about 30% better than Estes motors, and a Potassium Chlorate / Coal / Formaldehyde resin delay that produced thick balck smoke, but also coated the interior of the model.

The Spanish blackpowder motors included a 21mm D, a 30mm G, and a 35mm H153.

The site also includes information on flare rockets and British military rockets - those of "the rockets' red glare" as noted by Francis Scott Key in 'The Star-Spangled Banner".

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