Thursday, May 14, 2009

Death Doom and Disaster!

Okay, it's not quite that bad.

Yesterday, during chem, I opened the periodic table app on my calculator to test for the teacher whether or not it included electron configurations. Somehow, it crashed, and none of the usual outs - delete, clear, on button, off, etc - would work. The auto-power-off didn't trigger, either. The only way out was to remove the batteries as suggested by the manual. This got it back into working order, but at the expense of clearing the RAM. The cost: my 9kb, 1000+ line, 3-months-of-work TIRASP-09 program was in the RAM, and it got completely wiped out.

Fortunately, there were a number of mtigating factors. Except for a few program variables, which will be recreated the next time I run the recreated version, it was the only thing in the RAM - all my other programs were in the protected archive, which was backed up by the secondary silver oxide battery. I knew TIRASP-93 very well, but I am not familiar with the code of most of the others, several of which were written by a friend, including a massive blackjack game which I had rearchived just minutes before.

I also had finished writing the complete data files for all 72 motors that I've compiled data for on a hard copy - graph paper - so all I need is half an hour for typing and I've got it all back. I also was very familiar with the code, and I've already rewritten - and improved - the basic flight simulation loop and half the thrust curve displaying code. The basic data architecture is better since I'm writing this from scratch instead of trying to improve the original, which went through half a dozen revisions of poorly-designed program flow. I expect to have 95% of the version 2.3 functionality up and running by Saturday and to have the planned revisions up to V3.3 by next week.

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