Thursday, May 28, 2009


Unfortunately, I'll be taking a short hiatus from blogging from Friday morning through Sunday. I don't like to go three days without blogging, but I've got no choice - I'll be at ARML, a regional high school mathematics conpetition. It's three days of hanging out with 45 of the smartest kids from my state plus about 400 others, having fun, and occasionally doing math. I went last year, but that was about a week before I started blogging.
I'll be at Penn State for the region of the competition - the other sites are the University of Georgia, Iowa State, and UNLV. Penn State is a nice enough campus (OSU is so much better though), but there's not much there with all the students gone home, and State College, the attached town, is very small and doesn't have much more than one burrito place.
The highlights of the trip include the actual math competition itself, the team dinner of Saturday night, and late-night card games - particularly a card game I know as Presidency that appears to be a variation of Dai Hin Min and its American variation Asshole

Outside links: Wikipedia article and Official ARML site

This post is time-delayed until midnight so it'll stay on top of any other posts I do tonight.

See you Sunday!


Sascha Grant said...

Good luck! I really envy those who can do the whole math thing!!

The EGE said...