Saturday, May 23, 2009

Can I make it?

I'm only at 336 posts, including this one, and I've got just 17 days to make my goal of 365 posts in the first year. That's 29 posts in 17 days, or about 1.7 posts per day. That's a rate of 54 per month, which so far I've only achieved in January do to a flurry of building and launching rockets. (The only rocket I've been working on in May is the Machnum force, and I haven't launched since April).

Fortunately, I've got a couple of factors working in my favor. I've got my computer back and working smoothly - Norton and Office are happy, IE8 isn't too bad (not very different from IE7, acts a bit more like Chrome, windows linked from each other are colored the same), and I have Nethack entirely self-contained on my backed-up documents (hurray for flash drives). This means I have access to the internet 24 hours a day, without having to use my parent's desktop or risk them looking over my shoulder, so posts will come at all hours now, not just late at night.

I've also got more material coming: the Machnum force being built, plans to launch more soon, my simulation program, music reviews, and more. With tennis over and summer coming, I've got a lot more time for building stuff, launching rockets, and blogging. I think I can make 365 by June 10th, and more interesting stuff is yet to come.

A few notes: I've averaging about 8-10 visitors per day, and for the amateur geek and amateur geek, both in and out of quotes, I'm #1 on google results. I show up on a few other reulsts, including my name, oddrocs, micromaxx staging, oop Estes rockets, Astron Invader, and a handful of others.

On the 10th, the Amateur Geek's first anniversary, I plan to do a bit of a retrospective.

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