Monday, May 18, 2009

Cool-sounding stuff

Ergosphere: The area around a black hole where energy can be extracted from it. A possible energy source in the distant future.

Cosmic Censorsship hypotheses: Naked singuralities - black holes without event horizons - cannot exist according to this theory. A well-done humorous name for a very real theory.

No hair theorem: all black holes have only 3 distinguishing characteristics: mass, angular momentum, and charge. All other information ('hair') disappears into the black hole along with light and matter.

Not to be confused with the Hairy ball theorem, which states that you can't comb the hair on a sphere flat without creating a cowlick, or two. It is obliquely referenced in the epically funny Surely you're joking, Mr. Feynman! in 'A different box of tools'.

Other news notes from my life:
1) I've discovered Coldplay and Viva la Vida. Interesting.
2) My laptop is in the hands of the Geek Squad.
3) I'm thinking of going for this.
4) Again, gotta go to bed. more tomorrow.

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