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Welcome to my humble abode EVIL LAIR OF DOOM. I am the Evil Genius Extraordinaire (The EGE). Well, online anyway. In real life, I'm a nerdy guy sitting in front of his laptop trying to be funny. This is the longest-running, largest and most sucessful project of my life (sad but true).

I'm a rocketry geek - Level 1 High Power certified - and definitely certifiable. I'm also interested in math, chemistry, physics, history, and occasionally biology. Once in a while I talk about music, and sometimes literature if it's 2 am and I'm in the midst of sleep madness. Though a significant number of post are about rocketry, there's no real theme to this here blog. Unless I can get away with 'weird stuff I think about'.

At some times, I'm angry about everything. That's what the 'rant' label is for. Stupid people, bad drivers, and sexist people get most of my ire, but everyone's a target. I'm openly atheist (see the big red 'A' on the bottom right? Yeah.) and that's one of the buttons I don't recommend pushing.

I'm not going to recommend you do anything illegal, but there are folks out there who would like to make a lot of what I do illegal. It took the NAR and TRA 11 years to win the right to posess composite propellant without ATF permits. And we had scientific fact (that composite propellant is not explosive) on our side. Hell, in Texas, it's pretty much illegal to own a chemistry set. So, browse carefully. And the guy who searched something about a hijacking to find this blog? I'm kinda worried about you, man.

=== Contact Meeeeee!!! ===

The best way to contact me: leave a comment. Yes, it goes to me for approval first - see below. Unless I've posted that I'm on vacation, I obsessively check for new comments - at least twice daily. You'll get an answer, stat.

If you need to contact me outside of regular comments, feel free to email me. My email in is on my profile, visible by clicking the big radioactive symbol on the upper right hand corner. Or click here.

=== Comment Policy ===

I allow you to dissent. I highly encourage intelligent conversation, and unbridled snarkiness. If you're off-topic but not spam, I may ignore you.

Say something stupid, and I will mock you.

Troll, and the results vary. If I like you, then you will get Summer Glau-ed and I will mock you. It doesn't matter who you are. I would do it to my mother. Hell, I did it to my sister once...

Spam, and your comment dies. Push a hot button too much, or say something offensive, and it dies. Question my right to free speech, your comment dies an especially firey death.

=== In this section: I get ranty ===

Warning: this blog may contain strong language (unsuitable for children), blasphemous and/or humorous statements (unsuitable for some adults) and difficult and obscure mathematics, chemistry, and physics (unsuitable for liberal art majors). (Sorry, XKCD.) My free speech is protected by the 1st Amendment, except possibly in South Carolina, but nowhere do you have the right not to be offended. If you don't like what you see here, then by all means turn the bloody channel.

=== Copyright ===

All typed material here on my blog is my intellectual property, copyrighted under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Sharealike 3.0 Licence. In short, you can use it for noncommercial uses, with attribution, and sharealike. For more information, click the Creative Commons infographic, or see my full explanation here.
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Images: All images taken / produced by me that I post here are automatically copyrighted under a Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0 Licence. That means you can reuse my images (even for commercial use) as long as you attribute me, and upload them to Wikipedia or Wikimedia Commons freely. I just ask that you be polite and contact me first before reusing or uploading my images.

I edit on Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons as User:Pi.1415926535; my blogger and Wikipedia identities can be considered identical authors, and should you choose to upload my pictures to Commons you may list Pi.1415926535 as the author.

Be aware that not all my images are automatically free use. I may upload screenshots from programs or from Google Maps that contain the copyright of Google or the program author, or pictures of public art, or commercial rockets. You would still have to get the permission of those who created the original work.

=== Other Random Stuff ===

Anywhere 'The EGE' is to be found, it is me. I can be found on TRF and the fora, among other places.

~~~~The EGE