Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Copyright Notice

I realize that traffic here is almost nil, as is the opportunity or need to steal my work. I reconnize that at present only one person regularly visits my blog. However, in light of the recent news that Google Knol pages are being used to steal others work and are favored in google's pagerank / pigeonrank algorithm, I am posting this as a permanent copyright notice. This is my work and my intellectual property.

Here are the general guidelines:
  • If you want to link to my blog, great! Just drop me a line with a comment so i can return the favor.
  • If you want to use any information from my blog or speadsheets for personal, noncommercial use, then feel free. Please leave a comment for feedback.
  • If you want to link to one of my spreadsheets on google docs, please include a link to my blog. Just drop me a line with the form below so I can return the favor.
  • If you want to use exact quotes from my blog or spreadsheets, please use the form below to contact me before doing so. Generally, all I ask is a link here and mention that the material is not yours.
  • If for some strange reason you actually want to cite information (on the off chance it goes into a wikipedia article), let me know and I'll work out the citation.
  • If you want to use any information from my blog or spreadsheets for ANY commercial purpose, let me know BEFORE you use it. Thanks.
  • If you want to use this copyright notice for your own blog/site, fine. This copyright notice, ironically, is now public domain.

Just covering all the bases.

For contacting me, please refer to this page.

EDIT: updated copyright information is here

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Take-apart: Air conditioning

About a week ago, one of our AC units (the small, window-mounted type) failed out of nowhere. I got to take it apart today. It's not really worthy of the time. It took forever and 100 minutes to tear the blessed thing apart, and all I got was a microswitch, a big module that i can't identify, and a capacitor the size of a soda can.
On the other hand, I got to take apart an answering machine and a CD player/tape deck/radio. I got a twin 7-segment display, an amplifier or two, a laser diode, a zener diode, and other miscellany.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

JEDEC 4N and 6N Series

Two more complete spreadsheets: the JEDEC 4N Series and JEDEC 6N series.
I am unsure as to whether the displays in the 4N series and logic gates in the 6N series are actually JEDEC numbered parts or not, but I've included them.

Also, I'd like to shill Andrew Wylie's website. It's a great site with lots of IC history, including the earliest ICs. Mr. Wylie has been very kind in providing information on a chip I own. If you have any information on 930 series DTL chips, especially the 932 and 945, please contact me.

JEDEC 3N Series

First off, I've changed the hit counter. Now it only counts unique visits, so I'll be in fair competition with mandachan.

Second, I changed the link to my 4000 series list to google docs because I couldn't get the HTML to recognize my file name.

Most importantly, I now have a complete spreadsheet of the JEDEC 3N series as well. It's a mixed bag of bipolar transistors, MOSFETs, bridge rectifiers, optocouplers, and more. It's right here at google docs.

For my own HTML learning, here is a listing by type:
AC SwitchesACS2
Bridge rectifiersBR14
Bipolar TransistorsQ83
Silicon Controlled SwitchesSCS10
Zener diodesZD6

Sources:Datasheet Catalog
Datasheet Archive
RCA Transistor Thyristor & Diode Manual © 1969

(Ninja'd 9/13/09 to eliminate the gap in my html)

Monday, July 21, 2008

4000 Series

I have a spreadsheet here of every CMOS 4000 series chip that exists. It includes # of pins and function. It's right here.
Please leave a comment for questions, suggestions, or contributions.
A quick guide to the reference code on the right:
ADDAdders and Arithmetic units
GLogic Gates
MUXMultiplexers and demultiplexers
SRShift registers
VIBMonostable and Astable Multivibrators

Wow - a table and a hyperlink. My HTML skills are getting better and better.

Edit: 9/13/09: edited html to eliminate the giant gap.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

History Day!!!!!

On other july 15ths:
1799: The Rosetta stone is discovered by Napoleon's troops
1815: He surrenders. oh, the irony.
1916: Boeing is incorporated.
1931: Clive Cussler, action writer extraordinaire, is born
1940: Robert Pershing Wadlow, the tallest human ever at 8 feet 11 inches, dies at 22.
1948: General Pershing, of no relation, dies.
1967: Adam savage, mythbuster extraordianaire, is born.
2003: The Mozilla foundation is established to save the open-source browser.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

There IS a reason for warnings on disposable cameras!

So, the other day at job-lot I decided to buy a disposable camera. Not to use it, but to take apart the flash assembly. I take a few spots just to test the flash. nothing special, just a $2.50 special. I know that the assembly uses several hundred volts to run the flash tube and several thousand to trigger it, but at almost no current. Therefore, it should be safe.
I take the cover off in flagrant disregard of the safety warning and chuck the film. I take off a coupla screws and pull the circuit board out. absolutely b-e-a-utiful. then, my finger bridges two solder points on the board. there's a small flash as the flas tube trips, and my arm jerks back on its own. No pain, no danger, just stupidity.
a mostly nontechnical explanation of how a flash works: A 1.5V battery powers the entire assembly. two transistors make the DC into AC - like an outlet, but 1/80th of the voltage. This 1.5VAC is fed into a transformer that converts the 1.5VAC into 300VAC (at very low, non-dangerous currents). A diode converts it to 300VDC, which charges a
capacitor. however, 300 volts will not trip the flash tube, so a trigger coil is used to generate about 4000V, which trips the tube, allowing the charged capacitor to run it for about 1/10 second.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

History Day!!!!!

Interesting and important july tenths:
138-1590: 10 royals from Rome, China, Castile, Denmark, Hungary, France, austria, and Orange die.
1509: John Calvin, religious reformer and namesake for Calvin of calvin and Hobbes is born
1796: At 17, Carl Friedrich Gauss discovers that every number is the sum of no more than 3 triangular numbers.
1832: Alvan Graham Clark is born.
1839: Adolphus Busch, founder of the beer giant Anheuser Busch, is born.
1856: Nikola tesla, electrical genius and Nobel prize rejector, is born.
1890: Wyoming becomes the 44th state. All 6 residents and 300,000 squirrels join the US.
1895: Carl Orff, awesome composer whose works now play on gatorade commercials, is born.
1925: The Scopes Trial, an important landmark in the teaching of evolution, begins.
1940: The battle of britain begins.
1958: A 524m (1720ft) tsunami happens in Lituya Bay, alaska.
1962: the 3-point seat belt is patented. In takes 45 years before they become mandatory.

Anyway, here's a joke presented in play form:
Man lost in balloon: Help! I'm lost! Where am I?
Man on Ground: You're in a balloon about 30 feet up.
MIB: You must work in IT.
MOG: How'd you know that?
MIB: 'Cause your answer was technically correct, but functionally useless, and I'm still lost.
MOG: Well, you must be a manager.
MIB: How'd you figure that out?
MOG: Well... You're lost in a piece of technology that you don't understand, but after i try to help, you say it's my fault.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Oregon - the beaver state!!!

And now, a more complete version of my trip.
Jun 26: Fly out to Oregon. see a hippie market in NE Portland.
Jun 27: Go to Washington Park in SW Portland, with the world's 2nd deepest subway station at 260 ft. Go to Powell's technical Books, the greatest collection of geekery I have ever seen. Ride the Portland Aerial Tram 500 ft up a hill.
Jun 28: Drive up the Columbia River Gorge. walk behind Latourell Falls (between the falls and cliff). Drive up Mount Hood. Have a snowball fight.
Jun 29: Rebecca turns 18! Play 9 holes of golf. Drive through endless forest. Stop to get a picture and... nearly flip our rental SUV in volcanic sand. it took a BIG truck from the ODOT and a very nice man named Mike Sissel from the National Guard to get us out. Have a great dinner in Bend.
Jun 30: Climb a 150ft river bluff and throw stones into the river. Walk through Lava Cast Forest, with stone casts of trees destroyed by a volcano. Drive up the very steep Pilot Butte.
Jul 1: Drive to Crater Lake. Absolutely amazing. Throw snowballs. See beautiful Steller's jays. Stay at diamond lake, home of the nuclear mosquitoes.
Jul 2: Drive to Coos Bay. Find nearly unbreakable concretions at Cape Arago- I brought a baseball-size one home.
Jul. 3: drive up the coast. visit the Oregon Dunes.
Jul 4: visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium. drive up to portland. watch the awesome fireworks from the abutment of the Steel bridge. watch a 102-car freight train.
Jul 5: Fly home. See leftover fireworks all over new england

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