Saturday, May 2, 2009


Didn't launch any rocket or such a nice day, but I helped my folks with lots of yardwork. Physical exercise can be good sometimes.

First I pulled some bittersweet down from the trees behind my dad's dental office. Most of the strands came down easily from the big old oak, but one vine, no more than an inch thick, went 60 feet straight up to the canopy and I could not budge it. Made a nice swing, though.

My parents and I spent much of the afternoon moving bushes around. We removed 2 large, deer-eaten evergreen bushes and tossed them down a cliff (literally - there's a 15-foot rock cliff in my backyard), moved 3 holly bushes, laid mulch down, and I think they moved more azaleas after I went to get the mower.

I retrieved a metal hook stuck up in a tree in my yard since october with my string-and-ess-hook combination, and got a ladder, climbed into the big tree in front of my house, and cut off some dead branches - one 15 feet long.

Finally, I cut the lawn. That poor mower must want to kill itself, because in the space of five minutes it had its entire muffler fall off, had the differential fail (cutting power to one of the two drive wheels), and developed massive vibration in the handle combined with a semiperiodic misfire in the motor. I've never worked with gas-powered motors much, but even to me that missed beat is awful-sounding.

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