Sunday, May 10, 2009

Randomness in the Middle of Busy

Meh. I've had too many tennis matches, too much insultingly easy homework, and too much work at work (ironic, no?) for much rocketry stuff, much less blogging, lately. A few updates, though:
1) I went to the Ledyard Drama production of Ovid's Metamorphoses on thursday and saturday, and they were amazing. I was very impressed. Congratulations to Dr. Zotos and the cast and crew.

2) The shuttle is set to lift off to repair Hubble at 2:01 pm tomorrow. 5 to 10 more years of delicious astronomical goodness await.

3) I've got my rocket simulation program down to nearly perfect. Under 8kb, text searching for all motor files, over 40 motors (from MMX to 29mm I200 including every Estes motor, 2 Quest, 2 Apogee, and most everything Aerotech has from D to H), an even faster main simulation loop, and extra goodies like provisons for simulating staging, thrust curve displays, motor data displays, and 2-way descent rate vs. chute size calculations with 5 chute shapes. And its continuing to get smaller, faster, and more advanced.

4) I've picked a recovery system for the Machnum Force: a 2" x 40" streamer originally from the Comanche-3. Light and small and cheap, and it'll bring it down fast but safely.

5) more tomorrow.

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