Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kosdon is back!

Apparently, with the ending of the BAFTE rules on APCP, TRA and TRA Motor Testing (TMT) have reinstated Frank Kosdon as a motor producer. He's back with his loud, smoky, and aggressive reloads in 24, 29, 38, 54, 64 (!), and 75mm diameters.

The 24mm offerings include 35, 105, 200, 250, and 310 Newton-second casings ranging from 4.57" to 19.25" long, including E40, G120, H200, H240, H365, and H470 motors. (Note to self... 64 bucks for a casing and 30 for the motor might be a lot, but that's ingredients for a rocking 24mm Machbuster with a 295Ns H470 motor.)

29mm offerings range from G40 to I560; 38mm from I145 to J530; 54mm from I120 to L3000; 64mm from J330 to M3700, and 75mm from J180 to M5100.

There's also a 16000Ns 98mm casing, but no motors listed.

Story from Dick here and Rocketry Planet here.

Performance hobbies webstore with hardware and reloads.

And our historic feature: a 1961 The Tech from MIT featuring, on page 10, a story about Kosdon of MIT and Ronald H. Winston of Harvard developing a Isocynate rocket propellant for small motors. Winston is mentioned here as being appointed a Reagan commission on science, and possibly here as the inventor of a toothbrush sterilizer.

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