Wednesday, January 18, 2012


On January 18, 2012, the web went black.

The old guard's final attempt to control the internet will fail, just as all their previous attempts have failed. The internet is global, and it is beyond the control of one government.

Free speech is beyond the control of any one government. We control the web. All of us. We produce the content. We control free speech. And today, we use that free speech to protect the free web.

(This site stayed black for one month; content was made available again on February 21st).

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Be careful with superglue

Amazingly enough, this isn't a "watch out, or you'll glue yourself to yourself" post. Nor is it a "don't get it in your eye" post. It's not even a "be careful around the fumes."

No, this is a more plebian warning. It is simply "don't let your tubes of superglue get holes in them."

Why? Because superglue cures upon exposure to air. Which means that one tiny hole, left for months, results in this:

That's a mass of solidified glue. It looks and feels like plastic. I actually cut away the metal tube, leaving just the superglue attached to the cap.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Preston Dam

I took this panorama (3 shots stitched together with hugin) on Thursday while out hunting for remains of the Norwich and Westerly Railway, a former trolley line near where I live. (More on that later.)

Although I first thought it to be the remains of a trolley bridge, I was wrong; a picture I found last night revealed that the trolley followed Poquetanuck Road (2A) in that section, not this feature which is located about 50 yards north of the road.

However, it's still impressive. It's classic New England stone wall architecture, but on a larger scale. I'm very curious about what it was. Was it a dam, used to create a pond or falls for a mill? Is it the remains of an old road bridge? Was it something else entirely?