Tuesday, August 11, 2009


From the discussion thread on Rocketry Planet, in response to a question about flying Skidmarks and other sparky motors, Al Gloer, CATO Prez and Lord High Executioner, wrote:

It's likely to be a last minute thing. Considering it has only rained twice this summer (once for 22 days, the other for 38 days), I would call it a high possibility. However if it stays dry between now and then, the chances go down. It's basically about the patent pending METRA MoonDust, the only certified flammable dirt in existence. Sparkies can easily inject flames below the surface and start one heck of a difficult fire to put out. There has been discussion about asking th landowner to put out the sprinklers for a while each morning to soak the dirt.

Then someone jokingly suggested using the flammable dirt, mixed with a binder, as an experimental motors. Al's response:

Bring the paraffin and a mold. Remember - this is indy - If you can light it - it can fly!

He's going for his L3 cert at NERRF - wish him luck!

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