Saturday, August 1, 2009

Okay, already

I hate how bad my HTML looked for the last post, so I removed every carriage return (enter) in the code, because each of those moves the table down one row. I might do it for the older one as well.

I also replaced the manually typed fractions with neater, html-based fractions. the code for ½ is [ampersand]frac12; and for ¼ is [ampersand]frac14; where [ampersand] is the & symbol.

Also, changed the more recent table to have a column for Hs so I can easily grab the code sometime later when I want it without having to fumble to add another row.

The big thing, though, is that I added a gadget to the sidebar, a bit down (just below the hit counter and map), that I'll update showing my current motor tallies for the current year. It's got only room for Hs, but by the time I start flying is (next year at the minimum) or Js and above (2011 when i turn 18 and can go for L2 cert) I except to have much better HTML-fu and thus better formatting. This one is pretty simple and uses no coloring, span tags, or even bolding - just a real basic table.

Also, random thing but so far, despite being in Hawaii, I have still done a post every day (local time) since I decided to start going for that goal.

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