Thursday, August 13, 2009

RATTworks Advanced Tether Device

Rattworks has anounced the future release of an Advanced Retention Release Device. It's a tether-and-release system designed for easier dual deployment from a single chute compartment. It uses pyrotechnics to release a pin that holds a recovery system in, and can be released by an accelerometer, timer, or altimeter.

My curiosity is whether or not it could be used to save rockets from trees. If you set the timer for say, an hour or two, and attach it to the parachute. That way, if it came down on ground, then you can disarm it before the charge goes off, or even set it to disarm at landing. If it lands in a tree, though, the parachute is the most likely thing to get tangled. If the tether automatically releases the parachute, then the rest of the rocket will probably be able to fall to the ground. A rocket on the ground is worth two in the bush tree.

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