Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sidebar stuff

I did a lot of maintenance on my sidebar today. It's a really useful thing with lots of info, but I've been lax about updating it lately.

1) Added a poll to the top right to see where my visitors are coming from. Help me out and vote, everyone!

2) Added my most recent flights to my motor usage chart.

3) Added more links - I'm up to 11 wobsites of awesomeness now. Sites added were my collabrative webcomic, Drowning in Turtles; Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Least I Could Do, CATP, and Apogee Components.

4) Changed my 'Currently reading' chart to reflect what I've been reading recently.

5) Added a link to my EMRR reviews to my 'My External Stuff' box. A Nike-Apache review, and possibly a few others, will be written soon.

6) Added and deleted stuff on my 'Truly Informative Posts' page. More additions coming - I'm trying to find all the stuff I've written that's actually useful, quality information.

7) Added a few more links to my blogroll. I have 12 links now; 4 update most days, 5 average once a week, and 3 are no longer updating and are pretty much latent info.

1 comment:

@eloh said...

I found you by way of...Nothing to see Here.....I like his trivia contest...that you keep winning.

Looks and sounds like you had a productive time with lots and lots of rockets.