Thursday, August 6, 2009

Semroc introduces new kits

Thanks to Rocketry Planet and Rocketry Blog for the info.

Semroc has introduced 7 new kits for NARAM-51, in their tradition of releasing new kits at national events. They are:

2 Deci-scale™ kits. These are the first in a line of 1/10 scale kits of sounding rockets. They are designed to have the numerous details needed for competition models, as well as to be fun to build. They were inspired by G. Harry Stine, who loved scale models of the IQSY Tomahawk sounding rocket.
  • IQSY Tomahawk: 19.8" long, .908" in diameter, 1.2 oz, and flies on 18mm motors. Estimated altitudes are 250' (A8-3), 600' (B6-4) and 1300' (C6-7). Basswood fins, balsa nose, 12" chute, waterslide decals. Skill level 1; $13.50.
  • Iris: 23.8" long, 1.17" in diameter, 1.3 oz, and flies on 18mm motors. Estimated altitudes are 200' (A8-3), 450' (B6-4), and 950' (C6-5). Balsa fins and nose, 12" chute, waterslide decals. Skill level 1; $16.50

2 Thunder-series kits, all scale versions of the Thunderbee. There's already the .54" ThunderBee that's available, the 2.04" ThunderStorm that is either on backorder or soon to be released, and planned .759", 1.04", and 1.64" versions (ThunderHawk, 'Bird, and 'Roc). Added to this are 2 new kits:
  • ThunderChief: 31.9" long, .908" in diameter, 2.1 oz, and flies on 18mm motors. Estimated altitudes are 150' (A8-3), 450' (B6-4), and 950' (C6-5). Balsa fins and nose, 12" chute, waterslide decals. Skill level 1; $14.50.
  • ThunderStrike: 50.7" long, 1.34" in diameter, 3.4 oz, and flies on 24mm motors. Estimated altitudes are 750' (D12-5), 850' (D15-4T (24/40 RMS)), and 1200' (E9-6). Balsa fins and cone, 16" chute, waterslide decals. Skill level 1; $22.50.
There are also 3 Retro-Repro kits:
  • Centuri Marauder: 18.1" long, .908" diameter, 1.4 oz, payload carrier, 2-staged 18mm to 18mm. Estimated altitudes are 850' (B6-0 / A8-3), 1200' (B6-0 / B6-6), and 2100' (C6-0 / C6-7). Balsa fins and nose, 12" chute, waterslide decals. Skill level 2; $19.50.
  • Swift B/G: 16.5" long, .759" diameter, 1 oz, boost-glider. 18mm motor recommendations: 1/2A6-2, B6-2. Balsa glider and cone, with 12" chute and waterslide decals for the booster. Skill level 1; $14.50.
  • Stellar Spartan: 16.4" long, .908" diameter, 1.1 oz, and flies on 18mm motors. Estimated altitudes are 250' (A8-3), 650' (B6-6), and 1300 (C6-7). Balsa fins and cone, 12" chute, waterslide decals. Skill level 1; $13.00.
And now I must be leaving, as our plane leaves in just under 3 hours. It'll be about 24 hours, or a bit more, till I'm home and able to use my computer again. Once home, I'll add a bit of commentary about these rockets and maybe clean up the formatting a bit.

I'll be back to posting multiple times most days once I'm home. I'm happy, though, that I've kept up one post a day since the middle of July, even during my vacation 5000 miles from home. Starting probably saturday, I'll have a flurry of posts with 4 pictures a day from our vacation.

I'll also be posting on prepping for NERRF, as well as my renewed attempts to learn some more HTML beyond my basic skills. I'll be attempting to learn tables, text formatting, style sheets, and objects. Also coming are some ideas I'm tossing around for a new large MPR / HPR rocket.

Edited 8/8/09 with added content:
The Saturn V kit, which Semroc intended to have out for the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11, was more difficult than expected and will be released soon. It's apparently going to be a rather unique model.

I like the idea of the scale sounding rocket kits; I find the many similar models of manned space boosters and military rockets like the Honest John to get rather boring after a while. I will definitely consider buying the Tomahawk and Iris, especially after more models in the series come out. I can stand to have some more simple, medium-altitude, reliable parachute-recovery rockets - I've got lots of gliders, saucers, and oddrocs, but few small and simple rockets. These are definitely a step above your average Estes models, and they are pretty cheap, too. Plus, I like unique models, and scale models are always better than plain ones.

I think the Thunder series is pretty cool, but I'm not really interested in them at the moment. I like that the Thunderchief, though, has a 24mm mount in a BT-55 rocket; many models of that size are underpowered even on C6s, and I'd rather use cheap, easy D12s than messing with 18mm composite motors.

I also like that Semroc is bringing back classic kits with the Retro-Repro series, but none of the three really interest me. I have enough small 2-stage rockets and boost-gliders already, and as I've stated before I'm not a huge fan of basic small sport rockets that aren't scale and don't do anything interesting.

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