Friday, August 28, 2009

Nike-Apache Review finished!

2425 words, and about 4 hours total of work. Now I just gotta choose what pictures to send...

I also got a bit of building done.

I've coated the tops on the wings and the nose cone of the Orbital Transport glider with wood glue in preparation for painting. It'll take a while, but I think it'll look best once painted.

I removed most of the old beat-up motor mount from the Transwing and replaced it with a better mount with new tubing and no pesky motor hook. It'll fly on a C6-3 at the next CATO I attend, probably either October or November.

Finally, the new 18mm booster for the Comanche-3 is almost complete. I put 3 coats of red paint, which almost matches the original, and the green stripe is drying.

I found the ejection charge canister, with some extra BP remaining that I didn't load into the motor, from one of my cert reloads. Why I put it into my 29/240 case I don't know, but added to the leftovers from two 24mm charges, I now have about a gram - over a full 24mm charge - to use to replace a lost charge or augment a charge, or to place in small nozzles to facilitate staging.

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