Sunday, August 9, 2009

Today so far

100 am: put epoxy clay on the broken part of my Estes Porta-Pad, as well as a blob on a stick to be turned to make a nose cone.

430 am: finally got sleepy enough to go to bed.

300 pm: woke up

500 pm: with help from my mom, made 2 6" nylon chutes that seem to perform well, plus a 4" chute and 2 experimental chutes that don't work quite as well.

600 pm: assembled an E18-4T reload except for the ejection charge and igniter.

800 pm: reorganized about 4000 pieces of K'Nex to make empty 2 tackle boxes for use in storing MPR motors.


@eloh said...

Sounds like you have a very good mom. Not every mom could give a hand with rocket building.

The EGE said...

Yeah. She helped me make some bigger chutes a while back and says she's glad to help with the bigger ones, but the tiny ones are a pain to do.