Monday, August 31, 2009

New Motors and Spacers from Cesaroni!

Cesaroni announced today the sucessful certification of 14 new motors, including reloads for their 29, 54, 75, and 98mm casings, plus a 98mm reload certified for Animal hardware and a 98mm reload cross-certifed on both Pro98 and AT RMS hardware.

First was the F29 Imax™ load for the Pro29-1G case. It's a 37.5% F at 55 Ns, and has a 12-second delay, adjustable. I'm considering buying a Pro29-1G case, and having a fourth relaod available really tips the balance a bit more in its favor.

The other Pro29 load certified was the 381-Ns I224-15A Classic load for the Pro29-6GXL motor. At 381Ns, it's the second most powerful 29mm motor available; the Kosdon TRM I560 at 436 NS is bigger; the closest competitors are the 348Ns I204 Pro29-6G load, the 370Ns Kosdon I550, and the 330Ns I200W for the AT 29/360 case and Kosdon I385.

One Pro54-6GXL motor, the 3147Ns L935 Imax™, was certified. Only the 3300Ns Kosdon L3000 is a bigger 54mm reload.

Pro75 reloads certified were the 4-grain 5506Ns M1230 Imax™, the 6-grain 7388Ns M2045 Blue Streak, the 6-grain, 7455Ns M2150 Red Lightning, and the 6774Ns M2050 Skidmark for the Animal 75-7600 hardware.

Pro98 reloads certified were the 3-grain, 7579Ns M1520 Blue Streak, the 4-grain, 8088Ns M1970 Skidmark (cross-certified with AT 98/10240 hardware), the 4-grain, 9870Ns M1800 Blue Streak, the 6-grain, 11077Ns N2600 Skidmark, the 6-grain, 13767Ns N2850 Blue Streak, the 6-grain XL 14263Ns N3400 Skidmark, and the 6-grain XL 17613Ns N2900 Classic.

All 54mm to 98mm reloads were plugged. There were 4 Blue Streaks, 2 Classics, 3 Imax, 1 Red Lightning, and 4 Skidmarks. One F, one I, one L, seven M, and four N. Total impulse burned was 246,458.92 Ns - a 50.4% R.

Also tested were spacers. MOre on those later after I sleep.

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