Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Take-Apart: Building

Yeah, it's been a while since I did any other posts about taking stuff apart.

Now, the backstory: My dad is a doctor who is a part-owner of his practice along with another doctor. They're moving to a new larger location and building their own building. It was cheaper to find a lot with a building already existing, to take down, than find an empty lot, and this way they could use the roof and foundation over. However, the walls and hung ceilings are to be destroyed, starting today. So, because it would all be destroyed anyway, we got to go in on Sunday and take any useful stuff.

He found a number of hanging blinds, plus a few special light bulbs and outlet and switch plate covers.

I got several large speakers, two with attached audio transformers and one with a complete audio board attached. I got some nice terminal blocks. I got an infrared sensor, with a super-bright LED and a weird sensor.

I also took a weird-shaped green LED from a thermostat, an interesting and useful board from an emergency light, some nice parts from an old, deactivated alarm system, and the entire electronics from a garage door, including the 20-pound motor.

More later, maybe.

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