Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nike-Apache #9: Finished!

I did lots of painting today on the Nike, including the transition which glues to the Apache. First 2 coats of primer, which went on well and looked good. Next came three coats of white paint, which didn't come out perfect but still pretty damn good. Then I masked off everything but the fins and painted them with two nice shiny coats of apple red.

After those 7 coats were all finished drying, I cut out and applied the decals to the Nike body, then clear coated everything - from the Apache tip to the Nike fin can - with a coat of clear gloss enamel. Shiny!

Then I wood glued the Nike transition onto the Apache fin can, then set it onto a beanbag to dry and not damage the antennae. Finally, I threaded the chute protector onto the nylon shock cord, tied the cord to the quick link and eyebolt in the transition, and tied a loop for the parachute.

Once everything's dry in the morning, literally all I have to do is attach the quick link to the steel anchor and tie the chute to the shock cord.

Pictures will be coming soon, then an EMRR review probably after the first flight, or maybe after the cert flight then a G flight at CATO.

Due to the steel threaded rod for positive motor retention and the 1/8" protruding part of the motor tube, the rocket does not sit on its rear end. Since it's too heavy to hang from the ceiling, I'll have to make a stand for it out of some scrap wood and a dowel.

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