Monday, July 20, 2009

A Mathematician's Lament

Please read this. I beg of you. It's a very good commentary on something that has always bothered me: How math education is a poorly-designed system that seems designed to stifle all intellectually creative impulses.

I try to work around this. I play with graph paper. I prove random equations. I'm teaching myself calculus for fun. I make new shapes. I play with topology. I design rockets. I find patterns. I convert stuff to binary and back. I derive random equations. I teach myself to program. I analyse tic-tac-toe. I factor the time, I sketch, I drop topo maps in 3D and maps from memory. I analyse speech patterns. I go through my textbook to find anything I don't know and won't get taught. I find cool-looking polar equations. I memorize pi. I solve rubix cubes.

I have fun with math.

Math is delicious!

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mandachan said...

...aaand you sometimes drive your girlfriend nuts by doing those things and not enjoying things for the way they are.

whatshisface brought up a good point though.