Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm famous!

Not really. But I do have my picture, amazingly enough in a magazine.

The July/August issue of Sport Rocketry has a 12-page feature on NARCON 2009. On page 20, there's a picture (thanks EMRR) of the vendor new product info session at the beginning of Saturday. I am the skinny guy in the greyish coat under and slightly to the right of the exit sign; you can see only my head and right shoulder.

Other people I can identify:
Gary Tortora (CATO VP and L3 flier) is sitting on the steps in a black shirt in the middle of the picture.
Jim Flis of Fliskits is sitting in the lower-left in the black shirt and cowboy hat.
The green arrows point to Nick of EMRR and his son.
Trip Barber (NAR President) is in the white shirt immediately behind the projector.
Al Gloer (CATO President and NARCON head executioner) is in the red shirt center-frame.
One of the guys from Aerotech, either Dan Michael or Gary Rosenfeld, is leaning against the brick wall to my left.

Let me know if you're in the picture too.

From this post in Nick's blog.

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