Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I feel special!

I won the week 7 of Malestrom's Genius of the Week puzzle. It was tricky, but basically invloved figuring out that the letters of BECKWAGSQM were the prime letters of the alpabet. (B=2, E=5, C=3, K=11, etc).

So basically, if you're coming here from Malestrom's blog, welcome. I try to entertain.

I also feel special because I have a bit of a secret project underway; it'll be officially announced in a few days.


@eloh said...

One more day and I might have had you, with an unfair advantage. My daughter who just finished Advanced Calculus will be here to visit tomorrow...dang

The EGE said...

Heh. That wasn't so much advanced map as having it stuck in my subconcious for about 2 days straight. I think it was reading a blog post somewhere about the Fibonacci sequence that finally triggered the idea to replace the numbers with letters.

It took me about 5 minutes of reading your blog before I finally figured out the title.