Thursday, July 30, 2009

In Hawaii!

So yeah, I'm in Hawaii. Poipu in Kauai, to be exact.

A few random notes:

  • Somewhere about over St. Louis, give or take 300 miles, I happened to be looking out the window at just the right time to see another jetliner pass no more than a mile, probably less, off out left wingtip - this seemed to be a very close pass.

  • After running a few sims on the plane: Estimated altitude for the Nike-Apache on an H128W-M is 1800 feet.

  • We have only one wired internet collection in our room, but 4 people wanting to use 2 computers. Fortunately, we happen to be in an area that, though not insanely crowded or uber-urban, has the critical mass required to have a few people too careless to secure their wireless networks in the area. Quoth xkcd: We need a special holiday to honor the countless kind fools with unsecured networks named 'linksys'.

  • Twice today I saw the distinctive bright, twisted smoke trails that can only be created by the smoke plume of a large rocket. I think they must have been test flights out of the PMRF.

  • Although I'm 6 hours behind the East Coast where I usually blog from, I'll be using the local time for my posts, so you'll see posts appear 6 hours or so after their timestamp, usually around 3pm or 4am EST.

Actual updates on what I'm doing here start soon.


mandachan said...

aHA! i told you you would end up flying over the st. louis/kc vicinities to get to san fran! wouldn't it have made more sense to have a layover in missouri instead of dc which is practically a half of an airplane sneeze from where you left from?

have fun. don't forget to say hi to the geckos :)

Dick said...

You know you're more than an amateur geek when you post about your back-home hobby while in a motel room in friggin' Hawaii :D

If ya' don't take and post photos we will send Vinnie and Guido to pay ya' a visit!

@eloh said...

Take as many pictures as you can. I want to see them all when you get home.

Enjoy yourself!

The EGE said...

@mandachan: That was just a guess based on 2/5 of the distance from DC to SF. We haven't seen any geckos yet, but we saw a lizard with the funny red throat-puffing thing while eating dinner last night. (That is, thursday night).

@Dick: yeah well. There's only so much you can do on 13 hours of flights without the internets, and only so much to do in a hotel room after the pools and beaches close. I'll get some pictures up eventually, but it'll probably have to be after my trip.

@@eloh: thanks