Monday, July 27, 2009

Crazy Idea of the Day #2

So, now that I have finished the Nike-Apache, I'm eager to aquire a small set of rockets that can be flown with the larger mid-power motors at the Salem field.

I have the Mozzie, which flies decently on Ds to 300-350 feet and on Es to 600-850 feet. However, on windy days F flights to 1200-1600 feet are tricky, and most flights on Gs will top 2000 feet, which makes it very easy to lose the rocket.

The Nike-Apache will fly decently on higher-thrust E motors to 400 feet and on Fs to 500-800 feet; it's also the only rocket I can fly regularly on Gs as it tops out at about 1500 feet max, and some only barely break 1100 feet.

I'd like to aquire another rocket with a 29mm mount. Light enough to fly on Gs, but strong enough to take the full hit of an I200. Probably 3" or 4" in diamater, with a payload section, 1/4" plywood TTW fins, rail buttons, yaddie yadda yadda. I'd also like to be able to compete in the annual CATO pumkin chunkin, which means either a 4" rocket so the pumpkin can fit inside, a 3" rocket that can us it as a nose cone, or a creative method: duct tape?

Thoughts? Kit suggestions? Know any place to get 4" tubing and a 4" nose cone on the cheap?

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