Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Update 1/3 is installing. Do not power down or unplug your machine.

Not gone this time, just kinda didn't have much to blog about for a few days. Now I do, and everything will be divided by topics. This post: everyhting that doesn't have a topic.

1)UGA... CAU GCU AUG AUG GAA CGU ACU AUC AUG GAG! Go find an RNA codon table, then come back and laugh at me.

2) I'll be off hiking in New Hampshire from thursday night till sometime sunday. That means not much internet access. I will likely not be able to blog during that time. I also won't be able to do much with rocketry or electronics at that time. I might do some programming or scale model prep / design in the car, but that's about it. Instead, I will be spending time in the alpine zone above the treeline, where you can see for a long way, and the air is fresh and cool, and where you can see lots of stars at night. I will recap, of course.

3) I have discovered the Arcade Fire and Neon Bible. Epic. Via youtube, I have also discovered the Katamari Damacy song, and why the Animal Collective really does sound like a bunch of squirrels on acid.

4) A few of my low-work experiments are going well. My salt is almost 3/4 through drying up, and the carbon rod I inserted has some nice cubic crystals. The bolt head I put in some water is producing an immense amoutn of rust. The biology experiment I referenced a while back is also going back.

5) 'Intervention' is pure unmitigated awesome.


mandachan said...

the first part makes no sense. i got the amino acids that correspond to it but beyond that i don't get it.

and i still don't get the last part.

understanding fail this morning, apparently.

Jeff said...

Where in New Hampshire? I'm hiking up there in the first week of August at Kinsman Ridge (I think), as somebody who hasn't really done much hiking before

The EGE said...

I'm not quite sure where in NH, though I know we're gonna try and get above the treeline at least one day.