Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nike-Apache #2: Starting Building

I finally got the time to start building last night tuesday night. I blame driving class, work, and Omegle for my lack of time.

In roughly pointy-end-to-firey-end order:

Nose cone: Coated with one layer of wood glue as a sealer. Sanded smooth. Pronounced good.

Apache fins: hella work. Sanded a nice knife-edge into the forward end of each as per instructions. Sanded all edges except the root perfectly smooth. Debated trying to shave with the nice knive-edges. Realized that I like all 4.5 hairs on my face too much.

Nike transition: coated with wood glue all over, for sealing on the exposed part and fattening to fit the Nike tube. Inserted and glued the dowel into the upper part for stiffness. (that's what she said?) Inserted and glued the nylon anchor and steel screw eye into the bottom of the transition.

Nike fins: decided there was no way in hell that I could sand full-length knife-edges in all four (1/8" long edges took a total of an hour for the smaller fins). Settled for sanding them flat and smooth with nice smooth edges.

Motor mount: This was most of my work. I sanded the centering rings to fit and glued both on. The second round of wood glue fillets are currently drying; next comes epoxy clay fillets. The forward CR holds the steel shock cord mount. The aft ring holds the threaded rod for motor retention, which is in place but not epoxied in yet. It really gave me the warm fuzzies to when I inserted the 29/180 case and put the retention nut on and everything just fit right.

In other rocket news, I finished the final fillet for the Orbital Transport (it's finally repaired and better than ever) and did a bit of work on the WAC Corporal, including realligning the fins and added nose weight.

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