Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nike-Apache Pics

Finally, the long-awaited pictures of the damn thing. My mom's camera unfortunately doesn't have as much megapixelage as my dad's, but it helps to hide the imperfect paint job.

As always, click on pictures to embiggen.

Nike-Apache Here it is in all its glory. Not much to say for this one, other than to note that it took me about 20 hours of time to build it; a third of that was painting. Thus, the amount of my time this is worth is almost 3 times the price I paid for it.

Total length is 52.5"; diameter of the Nike tube is 2.6" and about 2.75" for the transition. Five colors: grey / primer, silver, black, white, red.

Also, note that I've figured out how to add mouseover text for the pictures.

Apache Here is a bit closer-up view of the Apache section. Only 3 big things here:

1)Note how the grey and silver sections up front create a neat but subtle contrast.

2) Note the nice knife-edges on the fins. Those took an hour total and were the second most difficult part of the rocket after the fin slots.

3) If you ever happen to build one, make sure to cut the fin slots for the Apache so that the fins butt up right against the rear centering ring so that they don't protrude into the black section. Mine have about 1/4" of black and it doesn't look great, though still okay.

Fuzzy pic of Nike fin can A slightly fuzzy pic of the Nike fin can. Note the nice shiny smooth red fins and the launch lug, one of two, which is on standoffs to clear the Nike transition and prevent scratching the paint with the rod.

Note also the gold board underneath; this is a homemade stand for the rocket. It's about 8x10" and 3/4" thick. A 6" length of 1" dowel, wrapped with tape to 29mm diameter, is nailed to the board and is inserted into the engine mount. A 1/4 hole goes through the board to accept the retainer rod, then widens to 1/2" so that the nut and washer can be tightened to firmly attach it to the board.

L→R: Mozzie, Nike-Apache, 29/180 case, yardstick, Comanche-3, Machnum Force From left → right:
  • Mozzie (my only other 2.6" rocket; 19" high)
  • Nike-Apache (2.6" diameter, 52.5" high)
  • 29/180 case (what I'll use for my cert flight; 1.13" diamater and 7.3" high)
  • yardstick (1" by 36")
  • Comanche-3 (previously my tallest rocket at 39" high and 1" diamater)
  • Machnum Force (one of my 3 29mm rockets; 1.15" in diameter and 17.4" high).

Just a comparison with some of my other similar rockets.

One final thanks to Snipplr for the html code for the arrow.

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@eloh said...

Is there a launch date yet?

The EGE said...

August 14th at NERRF in New York.

Sascha Grant said...

Hey, the Nike-Apache looks great! Very cool rocket - I may have to add one to my fleet sometime!

The EGE said...

It's a great kit, and I'd recommend it highly if you're looking for a large mid-power / small L1 HPR kit. It's definitely skill level 4 or 5 because you have to cut the fin slots, wrap the tricky wraps, insert the antennae, and mask off 5 different colors; however, it's well worth the work.

The EGE said...

I only did the 1/8" knife edges on the Apache fins, and those were a lot of work because the plywood is high-grade and very hard. Even 100-grit sandpaper barely takes anything off. If you decide to do the proper scale way and put full-length knife-edges on the Nike fins, then it's definitely going to take and extra 4 hours or so and be a true skill level 5.