Thursday, July 9, 2009

In New Hampshire

Our hotel has free, and fast, wifi here, so I'm be able to update at least a bit.

I actually got quite a bit done on my simulation programming today.

Second, I fixed the staging algorithms, which took a lot of work, but now there's four separate stages possible: single stage, lower booster stage, middle booster stage (can have more than one per rocket), and sustainer. Much of the work for this was concentrated on three points. First, finding and implementing a variable for the stages that wasn't already used; second, findign which variables to zero for each stage, and three, telling the main calculating loop when to got to the next stage, as well as fixing a nasty altitude-calculation bug.

I also fixed a bug which prevented me from doing more than one sim at a time, and now I'm working on allowing custom motor files to be created in-program to allow sims of cluster rockets.

I also discovered a flash version of Portal for those of us without big video game systems. Solutions are available on Youtube.

Good night.


R2K said...

This sounds like great progress :)

The EGE said...

Getting there. I finished the custom motor algorithm, and it works great and interfaces rather nicely with the flight sim, as well as with the thrust cruve display and motor info generator (shows impulse, average thrust, etc).