Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nike Apache #1: Parts list

It finally arrived today. It took 10 days, which is longer than usual but I blame it on the large package and 4th of July holiday.

I intend not just to build it to the level that I do other kits, but to build it well. That means built strong, with epoxy fillets and the strength to survive the kick of up to an I200 (the most powerful Aerotech 29mm motor available). That also means everything sanded, primed, and painted well with good masking. I've got primer, steel wool, sandpaper, and 'frog tape'. Now i just gotta put the damn thing together...

Just for reference, the Apache is the top section and the Nike is the thicker lower section.

The contents:

  • 1950s style face card, with a line drawing of the rocket and its vital stats. It's 52" long, just over a pound, and 2.6" in diameter.

  • Conical balsa nose cone; 6" long and 1" in diameter.

  • 5oz lead nose weight; 1" long and 1" wide.

  • 24mm thick-wall tube 22.5" long; forms the Apache body.

  • 2 4.85" pieces of 1/16" wire; to be bent to make 2 antennae.

  • 24/29 centering ring, 3/4" long. To be sanded into a curve for the transistion from the Apache fin can to the rest of the Apache.

  • 29mm thick-wall tube 3.55" long; forms Apache fin can.

  • 24/29 centering ring 1/4" long; goes right behind Apache fin can.

  • 4 Apache fins. 1/8" 5-ply wood, with a tight grain that'll only need one sanding and no filling.

  • 11 feet of 3/16" tubular elastic shock cord. I like the look of a rocket dangling far beneath its chute, which also helps with recovery from trees, and that long shock cord is good.

  • 3/8" dowel 2 5/8" long, to be inserted into the transition for strength.

  • Balsa transition. Epic. It's the famous Nike transition, which bumps a bit out from the Nike booster then goes waaay in to the sustainer. It's a solid piece of balsa the size of a soda can. It's almost 6" long total and 2.7" wide at its maximum, with 2.8" of length outside the rocket. It's also where the rocket splits in two for recovery.

  • 1" plastic screw-in anchor, for anchoring the screw eye in the bottom of the transition.

  • 1/2" screw eye to attach to the transition.

  • 1.5" long quick-link for attaching the elastic shock cord to the steel mount.

  • 14" long shock cord anchor of 1/8" steel wire. It attaches to the forward centering ring for an indestructable, heatproof mount.

  • Nike body tube. 2.6" wide heavy-wall tube 21.2" long.

  • 2 sections of 1/4" launch lug each 1" long.

  • 2 sections of balsa 1" x 1/4" x 3/8"; for use as lug standoffs to avoid the bump in the transition and prevent the rod from scratching the paint.

  • 1 29mm thick-wall motor mount tube 7.5" long. It only just fits a 29/180 case, but I feel that the mount is strong enough to handle the 240Ns and 360ns cases as well, plus of course the smaller 29mm and 24mm cases.

  • 4 Nike fins. same quality as before and also TTW; these require a labor-intensive knife-edge sanding.

  • Forward centering ring. 1/8" ply as above; has 2 holes to fit the loop on the steel cord.

  • Aft CR. same as above, except with one 1/4" hole.

  • 3/16" threaded rod 2.8" long for motor retention.

  • Spacer for said rod.

  • Washer for said retention system.

  • Nut for said retention system.

  • Paper wrap for forward section of Apache body tube.

  • Paper wrap for Nike fin can.

  • 28" red circular nylon chute.

  • Nike decal sheet.

  • Apache decal sheet.

That's 38 items of 31 types. That's a lot of parts for the money.

Next step: building the motor mount and Nike fin can.

Pictures coming soon.

All of this will eventually get placed into an EMRR review. It's important enough that it gets its own label on my blog, separate from 'certification' even.

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