Thursday, July 2, 2009

About my order

I made the first of 4 orders of Sunday. I've got my debit card now so I can make the rest of them on my own and on my own time, but I needed to make this one so I can have it build and painted by August 14th, especially with a 4-day hiking trip and 8 days in Hawaii with the family taking lots of time.

First, of course, is the Nike Apache. I'm really excited about the kit and I think I'll have a lot of fun building and flying it. It'll fly on anything from E15s to I200s; I'll use an H128W for the first flight - my cert flight - and mainly Es thru Gs afterwards.

I also ordered a Madcow 9"x9" Kevlar chute protector. With a nylon chute, steel anchor, and steel quick-links, that's probably overkill, but with the larger motors it'll be good protection from shotgun ejection charges.

The quarter-pound tubs of epoxy clay will come in real handy, I imagine. Doing fin fillets, holding in the bolt to the transition section base, placing the rail buttons, fixing my old rubix cube, etc etc etc.

Those were the three things I need for my cert flight; I also bought a few things for other rocketry fun. I bought a D21-4 to give some fat or heavy 18mm rocket a kick. Right now, I'm leaning towards either Rama or SpaceShipOne; possibly the Cosmic Cobra.

4 29-to-24mm centering rings, mainly for a second 29/24 adapter that better fits reload casings and F32s.

Finally, I bought 10 feet of Kevlar string. 1/10" diameter yellow kevlar; 300 lbs test strength. Mainly so I've got better material than elastic for future mid-power rockets.

The total was about 106 dollars, but that's not bad for a high-quality MPR kit plus one motor, 6 parts, epoxy, and shipping for a rather large box.

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