Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nike-Apache #6: the beginning of the end

First the Nike because it's less exciting. The wood glue on the forward centering ring finally dried, so I flipped it back over and did the epoxy fillet on the aft one. After the 24-hour drying period, I glued on the first fin using wood glue. It finished drying about an hour ago and the second one is drying now.

As for the Apache, with the epoxy I made mini-fillets on the fin-2429 transition joints, plus glued the weight and nose cone on securely with the clay. This finished the building of the Apache.

I then proceded to put no less than 5 coats of grey primer (4 complete; 1 partial) which turned out so nice that I'm not going to pay 5 bucks for a rattle-can of grey; the primer is actually rather nice looking. I then masked off the fin can, antennae section, and a 3/8" strip near the top (for scale details) and painted them silver. Now all I have to do is the little black stripe on the 2429 transition ring, and then the Apache will be ENTIRELY DONE. I feel.... accomplished.

In related news, I used a bit of epoxy to do the last bit of fixing on the Deltie Thunder. It may fly at NERRF.

In unrelated news, there is a reasonable chance that I will attend the OSU-USC football game in the fall. Go Bucks!

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