Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NERRF lineup Mk. 1

  • Nike-Apache on an H128W-M or H165R-M, with the possibility of an H97J-M if neither of the previous two are available. This will be my Junior Level One Certification flight. Estimated altitude 2400 feet.

  • Machnum Force on a G80-13. Estimated altitude 5600ft; speed Mach 1.14 (868 mph / 1273 fps / 388 mps). It'll recover on a smallish streamer at about 40 fps, but even at that high speed it'll take over 2 minutes to reach the ground!

  • Deltie Thunder on a D12-3. Estimated altitude 250 feet; if it comes out gliding at 200 feet AGL then it could easily glide for well over a minute; if it repeats the previous two flights then it may becomes scrap balsa.

  • Mozzie on an F23-4FJ. Estimated altitude 943 feet, estimated speed 266 fps. Time aloft approximately 30 seconds.

  • Nantucket Sound on an E18-4W. Estimated altitude 300 feet. I'll make sure to tape the motor case in this time.

  • Comanche-3 on D12-0 / B6-0 / A8-5. Estimated altitude 2000 feet, estimated speed 400 fps. Hopefully my first stable three stage flight.

List subject to change.

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