Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nike-Apache #7: am I done with this !@#$ing glue yet?

The answer: mostly.

The Apache is not completely finished. I brush-painted the solitary black stripe on the 2429 transition, and it looks pretty good - really brings out the detail on it. It will be finished once I apply the decal.

All four fins on the Nike are glued on with wood glue, and filleted on the outside with wood glue. Apparently you're supposed to leave the aft CR off and put internal fillets on the fins, but I read the instructions wrong and I put both on. Since I'm not going for scale accuracy, and am willing to put on outside fillets, It should be just as strong.

I then glued the launch lugs to the balsa standoffs and on, aligning them with my 1/4" rod. I glued on fillets and sealed the balsa wood.

I then took a sizable amount of epoxy clay (I've still got 80+% left, though) and put fillets on all four fins plus the launch lugs and standoffs. Those will be dry tonight, and I'll start the primer on friday.

I also put more wood glue on the transition. One layer on the exposed surface for smoothness, one on the shoulder for fit, and 3 on the base for protection from the ejection charge.

After the primer, I'll need two coats of white on the body and transition and one or two of red on the fins. After that, I'll install the recovery system and connectors, apply the three total decals, then glue the Apache to the transition and be done.

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